Kale on table

Everyone knows that superfoods are good for you. A superfood is a natural food that is high in a specific type of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, or healthy fat. Filling your diet with superfoods is a great way to make sure that you’re fueling your body adequately, and that you’re getting all of the daily vitamins that your body needs from a natural source. Your body processes vitamins and minerals from food much better than it processes those that come from supplements, so whenever possible, you should try to get your daily vitamins naturally from your food. But, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and even superfoods should be consumed with moderation. Here are a few superfoods that you may be overeating.

Raw fish

Sushi isn’t a superfood, but certain kinds of raw fish are. This is because of the high levels of healthy fats, Omega 3s, and lean protein that’s contained in fish. These levels are even more beneficial when the fish is raw, and the most popular way to eat raw fish is in sushi. While a lot of us don’t eat sushi on a regular enough basis for this to be concerning, some people make it a habit to consume sushi multiple times a week. The reason this isn’t good is because of the mercury levels that are contained in certain types of fish, like tuna, salmon, and eel. It’s estimated that if you eat a meal of sushi seven times in one month, your mercury levels will exceed what is recommended by the EPA. 


Kale sales have skyrocketed over the last few years, one of the reasons being the low calorie to high antioxidant ratio. It’s truly the definition of a superfood. Eating kale once a day is adequate to get the benefits of eating kale without overdoing it. Many people don’t eat more kale than this. Instead of putting kale in your morning smoothie, eating a kale salad for lunch, and then snacking on kale chips in the evening, try and pick just one of these heart-healthy meals per day. The reason you don’t want to eat too much kale is that the oxalate in kale can calcify your kidneys, which may result in kidney stones. 

Fortified foods/Added Nutrients

While this isn’t necessarily a superfood, it’s something you probably eat a lot of without realizing! A lot of packaged foods will boast having added nutrients, saying something along the lines of “100 percent of your Daily Value of ___ vitamin”. While it’s great that you know you’re getting the daily recommended amount of a certain vitamin, most of these products also contain a high amount of other minerals, such as zinc, iron, or Vitamin B. Taking more than the recommended daily dose of these vitamins can be harmful to your body, as it can cause constipation and harm to your kidneys.