A treadmill is an incredibly smart home investment. It means you can exercise when it’s too cold to go on a jog around the neighborhood, you can walk while you work or return emails, or even that you can get a quick run in while the baby is sleeping and you can’t leave the house. You wouldn’t think so, but there’s a big difference between using a treadmill at the gym, and using one in your home. Make sure you do your research before you buy a treadmill for your home!

Your budget


Probably one of the most important factors when you’re buying a treadmill, is what your budget is. There’s no point in looking at treadmills you wouldn’t be able to afford, so limit yourself to the treadmills that you know are in your budget. If you can’t find one that meets all of your needs, don’t compromise. Just save up for a little bit longer, and then buy the one you know you’ll benefit from.


How much space you have – do you need a folding treadmill?


What room of your home will this treadmill be in? Is it in a home gym, or are you hoping to stash it in a corner of your office?


How many people will be using it and how often?


This is an important question to ask. The amount that it will be used will determine what kind of treadmill will be adequate for you. If it will be used by multiple people, multiple times a day, you’ll need a treadmill that is more durable than if you’ll be using it just a few times a week, just walking. Walking vs running is an important distinguisher as well, so if you plan to run on your treadmill a lot, you’ll have to get one with a more durable belt.


Extras and additional options


What extra features are most important to you? Are you wanting a treadmill with a heart rate monitor? Or programmable options? Or pre-programmed routines and workouts? Are you wanting a treadmill that you can set up to connect to a fitness app or website, to track your workouts? Is a foldable treadmill important to you, or do you have space for a full sized treadmill? These are all important features to consider and decide what’s important to you, before you make your treadmill purchase.