Sometimes, getting onto a treadmill is a routine you look forward to. You don’t really have to think about anything, and are able to just go. But sometimes, that’s not what you want. You want to be doing something. There are countless things that you can do on your treadmill besides the more obvious options of running, walking, and jogging. Here are a few treadmill exercises to inspire you that don’t involve running of any kind.

The side shuffle


Set your treadmill to 4 mph. After beginning to walk forward, turn your entire body to the right, holding onto the rails for support. Take a large side step toward the front of the machine with your left foot, and press down into your palms to help you do a little hop upwards. Land on your right foot, and continue this shuffle for 60 seconds, before switching sides. Repeat as many times as you’d like.


Alternating sumo squats


Set your treadmill to just 0.5 mph. Start walking forward. As you step forward with your left foot, you’ll place your left and right hands on the right railing in front of you. Pivot on your heels to turn your entire body towards the right side of your treadmill. Position both of your feet slightly pointed outward, and bend your knees into a deep squat. Press back up through your heel and immediately step your back foot towards the front of your treadmill. Repeat these movements on the other side, so you alternating back and forth doing sumo squats on each side, and walking a few steps in between.


One legged push ups with knee to elbow


For this exercise, you’ll keep your treadmill powered off. Put both of your hands on the front handle of the treadmill, and step backwards. Keep you body in a straight line, and lift your left leg off the ground. Bend your elbows to lower your chest to the railing, into a pushup. As you lower yourself, bend your left leg and bring your left knee forward to your extended elbow. As you push back up, extend your leg behind you again. Repeat as many times as you’d like, and then complete the same amount of repetitions on the other leg.


Backwards plank crawl


Start with the treadmill turned off. Get yourself into a plank position, by putting your hands at the end of the belt and position your feet on the frame of the treadmill under the monitor and control system. Keep your legs fully extended with knees locked, and press into your palms to push the belt of the treadmill forward and away from your body. As you are pushing, place your left hand back under your left shoulder, and then pick up your right hand and place it back on the belt on your right shoulder. Continue to walk like this, pushing the belt with your palms, for 60 seconds. Take a break, and then do as many repetitions as you’d like.