A lot of people feel negatively about their treadmill. A necessary evil, if you will. You usually use your treadmill when you have a time limit, or if the weather outside is unpleasant. When it comes to running on your treadmill, it doesn’t have to be boring. You just need to change the way you do things a little bit, to get a bit of a change of pace.


Change up your pace


Listening to music is a great way to entertain yourself while you run. When you’re on a treadmill, you have the added option to watch a tv show while you run, which is a unique aspect of working out indoors. A great way to keep things interesting while you’re running, is to do a sprint(or just up your pace) during commercials, and then slow back down to a jog during the actual commercial. These periods of a faster pace make the slower jog go by considerably faster, and watching a show keeps you entertained so you’re not watching the clock the entire time.


Take a class


You’ve heard of spin classes, but have you ever considered a running class? They are set up similarly to a spin class, but you are on a treadmill instead of a stationary bike. Sometimes, what you need to help give you a bit of motivation is someone else dictating your workouts, instructing you what to do. The teachers of these classes are also trained to help you feel motivated, and burn the maximum amount of calories.


Try new workouts


Getting on the treadmill and mindlessly running is a one track way to boredom. No wonder you’re dreading your daily workouts. If you’re in a rut, try a new workout. Your treadmill run doesn’t have to be mundane, it can be fun! Walk backwards, pick an interval workout, or even incorporate weights into your workout. Switching it up so it’s not just a boring run will do wonders for your motivation, and will begin to work different muscle groups, and help you burn calories faster.


Read a book


If you’re going at a slightly slower pace, or just taking a walk on your treadmill, bring a book along to keep you entertained. If you’re more of a runner rather than a walker, download a podcast or audio book before stepping on the track.