Cybex 770T Review

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Features at a Glance
  • Spacious 60” x 22” running deck, perfect for any runner
  • Heavy steel parts, made in the USA, for incredible durability
  • I3 shock absorption cushioning, the best version of Intelligent Suspension
  • 5.0 horsepower motor that reaches top speeds of 12.4 mph


Cybex 770T Overview

The Cybex 770T is an at-home treadmill built to commercial standards. You can purchase this treadmill with a light commercial, full commercial, or residential warranty. However, when the selected warranty expires, if something does break, the necessary parts you’ll need to make repairs are quite expensive. We consider the Cybex 770T to be a luxury treadmill for in-home or club use. It will allow you to test your limits in a comfortable and safe environment, and if it’s something that you’ll use everyday and will use heavily, it can be a good investment for your fitness.


The Cybex 770T comes with an extra long belt that is 60” long and 22” wide. This is spacious for taller runners, and has extra width for more comfortable running. In addition, the 770T is great at reducing the joint impact. It also features an incredible cushioning experience, with the IS3 Intelligent Suspension System, which offers adaptive cushioning based on a runner’s pace and where their feet are landing.

  • Huge 60” x 22” running deck
  • Upgraded IS3 Intelligent Suspension shock absorption system
  • Power incline of up to 15%
  • Multitude of cup holders, as well as a utility tray and magazine rack

Display and Digital Features

As far as technology goes, the Cybex 770T comes with two monitors. The standard monitor is called the CardioTouch. It has a 4.3 inch touch screen that allows you to access exercise programs as well as controlling an iphone or ipod. This workout menu includes 9 preset programs with varying difficulty levels, 8 fitness tests, and a quick start and manual mode. The second monitor is a 15.6” screen called the E3 View HD. This monitor offers three options: Exercise, Entertainment, and Escape. You can use these programs to enhance your workout experience as well as stream on-demand music videos, live HDTV, and workout tracking.

  • 15.6” touchscreen monitor with three separate viewing modes
  • Cooling fan built under the display area, for comfortable running
  • CybexGo content system, for workouts, live television, and other on-demand material
  • 20+ preset workouts, including six military-based workout options
  • Contact and wireless-based heart rate monitoring

Motor 5.0 HP

The 770T is considered to be a high performer with minimal maintenance. It features a 5.0 HP peak motor, 12.4 mph max speed, and up to 20% incline. These stats are incredibly impressive, especially when compared to a few of its competitors in the same price range.

  • 5.0 horsepower motor
  • 12.4 mph maximum speed
  • 400lb max carry weight