Life Fitness F1 Review

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Features at a Glance
  • FlexDeck shock absorption system for reduced joint damage
  • Small running deck at 55” x 20”
  • Energy smart tech that reduces power draw while the treadmill is off or on
  • Great power incline of up to 15%
  • Integration with third-party apps and Life Fitness’ LFConnect website, through USB
  • 2.5 horsepower MagnaDrive motor with a 10 year warranty


Life Fitness F1 Overview

What we love about the Life Fitness F1 Smart is that it’s a foldable treadmill with a durability that we can actually trust. It can be hard to create a folding treadmill that can still compete against the others in its class, but we think the Life Fitness F1 Smart did it just right. The F1 does come with its fair share of problems, however. Most notably, the running deck is too short for many runners to train, comfortably, while the size of the treadmill is too large to leave open in a room without folding it up for storage. This is a little disappointing, due to the otherwise excellent ergonomics of the treadmill.


The track on this treadmill comes in pretty short at 55 inches by 20 inches. This makes it the perfect length for walking, but too short for tall users to run, comfortably. Aside from this shortfall, this treadmill is built with excellent ergonomics in mind. The Life Fitness F1 Smart is a treadmill that’s built for home use, but it has the same biomechanics that Life Fitness uses in their commercial treadmills. It also has a 15% incline, as well as an accessory tray that features dishwasher safe removable cup holders.

  • 55” x 20” running track, which is notably shorter than other treadmills
  • FlexDeck shock absorption cushioning, which is the same system used in the T3
  • 15% power incline within increments of .5%
  • Easy foldable and portable for storage

Display and Digital Features

The F1’s best feature is its integration with Life Fitness’ proprietary website that allows it to come with a huge set of unlimited built in workouts. That’s right. We said unlimited. This is because you’ll get access to the LFConnect website, which lets you create and store your own workouts online, and then transfer them via USB to your treadmill.

So, what makes this treadmill “smart”? The F1 is designed to automatically reduce its power when it is not in use, or if you take a break mid-workout. It also has a smart motor technology. The lighter you train, the less energy it will use to power the motor. It also features a child safety lock, so it can’t accidentally be activated by a child or pet, which is a huge bonus. These array of smart features make the F1 more appropriate for a wider variety of homeowners.

  • 7 preset workout programs in the stock treadmill
  • Unlimited customized and specialized workouts through the LFConnect website
  • Energy saving components to reduce power draw
  • Third-party app integration
  • Contact and wireless heart rate monitor system


2.5 HP

This treadmill has the signature MagnaDrive motor, exclusive to Life Fitness treadmills, meaning you’ll have a powerful motor that you can barely hear. The motor is under warranty for 10 years. The silence of the motor makes it great for home use. The only complaint that we have of the motor is that it is only 2.5 horsepower, which seems a little low for a treadmill over $2,000 (the F3 remedied this problem with a 3.0 horsepower motor). In addition, the F1 comes with a top speed of 10 mph, which is a little slow for advanced runners.

  • 2.5 horsepower MagnaDrive motor
  • 10 year warranty on all MagnaDrive motors
  • Top speeds of 10 mph
  • Max carry weight of 300 lbs