Life Fitness T5 Review

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Features at a Glance
  • Automatic energy smart technology to reduce the power draw by up to 90%
  • LifeSpring shock absorbers that can be adjusted to various firmness options
  • Wider than normal running deck at 22” wide
  • Incremental power incline of up to 15%
  • Integration with third-party apps and Life Fitness’ LFConnect website, through USB
  • Wireless and contact heart monitoring systems


Life Fitness T5 Overview

The Life Fitness T5 treadmill is notably different to the T3, in some ways, but not quite as much as you’d expect from a drastically higher price point. For $1,400 more, you’re stuck with nearly the same amount of workout options, when you already have the option to customize workouts through third-party apps on the T3. Despite some disappoints, though, there are some clear upgrades in the T5, such as the wider running deck and, more importantly, the LifeSpring shock absorption technology, which makes the firmness and cushion of the running deck customizable to the user.


The Life Fitness T5 treadmill has adjustable cushioning, which is one of our favorite features. The impact is deflected with LifeSpring, which is the same technology that is used in Corvette suspension. Impressed? Contrary to rubber or foam cushioning, these springs in the T5 treadmill won’t break down! This comes with three options with varying firmness, to give you the most comfortable running experience possible.

  • 60” x 22” for a wider running area.
  • Incredible shock absorption cushioning with LifeSpring shock absorption technology
  • 15% power incline (increase and decrease in 0.5% increments)
  • Difficult to assemble

Display and Digital Features

The Life Fitness T5 treadmill comes available with two different console options, customizable to fit your needs: “Go” and “Track+.” Both consoles have incredible shock absorption, a 15% incline, and some smart energy saving options.

The Go console is the more basic of the two console options. It has 13 workouts, which includes the three classic, two advanced workouts, three goal oriented, and five HeartSync. The Quick start mode remembers your preferred pace, so instead of selecting a workout, you can just start, and the console will remember how you like to workout.

If you select the Track+ console, you can expect all of the options included within the Go console, with the addition of built in apps and customization options. It connect to your device, allowing you to have access to personalized workouts, workout tracking, and compatibility through your favorite workout tracking apps.

  • T55 display panel console
  • Dual console options to use Apple or Android phones
  • 13 built in workouts for various types of runners, as well as a quick start mode and custom workout options
  • Music and third-party app integration (for Track+ users)
  • Both wireless and contact-based heart rate monitoring


3.0-6.0 HP

Every Life Fitness treadmill is powered with their MagnaDrive motor system, which is incredibly quiet, and the Life Fitness T5 is no exception. It has a horsepower of 3, and the motor can handle multiple uses per day. Most owners can expect to see this motor last much longer than a decade, even though the limited warranty is less than 10 years. The motor has a 10 year warranty, the electrical and mechanical parts have a 7 year warranty, and labor has a 1 year warranty.

  • 3.0 horsepower motor with a peak performance of 6.0
  • Top speed of 12 mph, with a low speed of 0.5 mph
  • Max carry weight of 400 lbs
  • 1 or 2-ply belt width.