Precor TRM 223 Review

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Features at a Glance
  • Advanced Deck Shock System
  • Powerful & Reliable Motor
  • Compact Size
  • Impressive Heart Rate Monitoring



Another model in the Precor TRM 200 Line, the 223 is a slight boost up from the 211 models. The 223 still has the advantage of using the same technology as other Precor commercial-grade models but is far more home, and user-friendly. Like other TRM models, the 223 has a durable frame with a lifetime warranty. It’s built to last, designed for years of use, and reliable to boot.


Energy™ Stride Technology utilizes a patented deck mounting system from the Precor commercial series. This technology reduces joint impact and creates greater underfoot cushioning. The 223 deck mounting system is specifically tailored to fit your natural stride, which in turn reduced the stress on your whole body. This is a straight forward machine, and although it’s not the most technologically advanced compared to other models we’ve reviewed, it still allows you to get in an incomparable workout.

  • 0% to 15% incline
  • Multi-ply track
  • 20” x 57’’ running surface

Comfort for Your Run

Running outdoors is a great way to train during your run. If you’ve been noticing a fair amount of pain in your body, specifically in your joints, you might be thinking about cutting down on your outdoor runs for a workout that can better protect your body. We love the fact that the running surface on this treadmill allows you to improve on your running form and gives you the extra comfort that you might need. If you’re looking for shock absorption, then keep the Precor TRM 223 on your list.

Display and Digital Features

A few other great aspects of the Precor TRM 223 treadmill include the ability to save two separate profiles within the console. This is great if there are several individuals who will be using this treadmill on a consistent basis. It’s incredibly easy to save your preferences and settings separately. The console also offers specific feedback on your workouts, like heart rate mapping, to help you see if you’re reaching your intended heart rate. This is highly important if you use your treadmill works out as part of a HIIT routine.

  • 5” High contrast LCD screen
  • 9 preset workouts
  • Two user profiles
  • Tablet computer holder
  • Volume control for mobile devices
  • Wireless heart rate monitoring


3.0 HP

The motor may be powerful, but it’s still quiet enough to not be a disturbance when you’re running. Most importantly, the high-quality motor makes each run feel smooth and natural. With a dynamic range of speed, walkers and runners alike will get plenty of use out of this treadmill.

  • 3.0 CHP Motor
  • Speed from 0.5 mph to 12 mph
  • Safe for users up to 300 lbs