ProForm Performance 600i Review

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Features at a Glance
  • Easy-Lift Folding System
  • ProShox Cushioning
  • 10” HD Touchscreen


ProForm Performance 600i Overview

Like much of the ProForm SMART series, the 600i model packs a great number of features in an ergonomic, space-saving design. It’s a high-tech machine if there ever was one. In its price range, the 600i is perfect for newer runners looking to get the most out of their in-home cardio workouts. ProForm’s Easy-Lift system means reclaiming space after your workout is painless, its shock absorbing deck gives you a smooth, protected run, and it’s nearly endless programs staves of treadmill boredom. All and all, this treadmill is a true contender for those entering into the world of running.


Much like it’s siblings, the ProForm 600i is not short on features that make it a smart machine to look at when looking to purchase your first treadmill. Although in comparison to other models, it doesn’t pack as much of a punch with its motor, it’s still a safe choice for the average runner or jogger. What this model does have going for it are its easy-lift folding system and an advanced shock absorbing track.

Like several higher priced ProForm SMART models, the 600i is built with the same ProShox track system that helps runners get the workout they desire without the fear of joint pain. With comfort in mind, this model features a space-saving design. If a lack of at home workout space is a key factor in your purchase, this model should be on your shortlist.

  • 1.6” precision balanced rollers
  • Speeds from 0 mph to 12 mph
  • Incline and decline range from 0% to 10%
  • 20” x 60” Belt

Display and Digital Features

The ProForm SMART 600i is not without an ample list of features that make it a competitive model for novice runners. With 50 programs designed to get you moving right after you’ve set up your machine, you’re not likely to have a stale workout. It’s also easier than ever to find the workout right for you with just a swipe on an amply sized touchscreen. No more pressing buttons to roll through programs, no more worry about indoor running boredom. If this model has an advantage over it’s higher priced competitors, it’s its usage of iFit® Coach and an impressive display. It’s easier than ever to adjust speed and incline—or have the machine automatically change them up for you—so you can focus on your run and nothing else.

  • 10” Smart HD Touchscreen
  • 50 programmed workouts
  • iFit® Coach
  • EKG grip pulse heart rate sensor
  • Dual 2” speakers with an auxiliary port
ProForm 600i display console


2.5 CHP

The one complaint we might have about this model is its motor. Although perfectly adequate for the average jogger or runner, it’s not suitable for runners looking to push their machine to its limits. Having said that, it is more than capable of doing the work for many miles to come. It may not be an absolute powerhouse, but it delivers a quiet at-home experience, making it a popular choice for those not wanting to disturb those around them during a workout.

  • 2.5 CHP Mach Z™ Motor
  • Top speed of 12 mph
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • Tread belt of 18” x 55”