ProForm Treadmills by ICON Health and Fitness
The ProForm treadmill are produced by a Utah based manufacturer called ICON Health and Fitness. ProForm treadmills utilize a compact design and streamlined technology to make workouts feel both impactful and enjoyable. With a wide range of models, these top notch machines offer a smooth ride, and are comfortably comparable to bigger name brands making these machines worthy of the investment.

Pro Series

Performance Series


Advanced Technology

Workout apps. Every ProForm treadmill comes packed with workout apps designed to help you throughout your fitness journey. These apps were designed by certified personal trainers, so you can feel secure that every workout will challenge and inspire you to hit your performance goals.

iFit Technology. Connect your ProForm machine to iFit and get even more interactivity. iFit gives you the training tools to help you track your fitness, plan your workouts, and see meaningful progress.

iPod Music Port. Music can be an important, and even inseparable part of a good workout. ProForm makes it easy to integrate your music by simply plugging in your music device.

Solid Design

Continuous Horsepower. If you want a treadmill that helps you get a great workout day after day, you’ll need a motor to match your stamina. With all ProForm models, motors give out constant power output while running at a continuous speed. Each ProForm has continuous horsepower at higher levels than the average treadmill, making it perfect for a more robust workout.

Inclines and Declines. Inclines and declines are necessary for a well-rounded workout, but their importance is often overlooked. For proper muscle toning and calorie burning, the automatic incline adjustability in each ProForm treadmill is a must. This feature allows for convenience when you’re looking to amplify your workout.

Excellent Comfort

Maintenance free tread belts. ProForm treads are built to resist static buildup, and stay intact for at least 200 hours of activity. ProForm takes the time to ensure their belts are tested rigorously before they’re used on a treadmill. With various lengths, there’s a model with a belt to fit any activity. With shorter belts for walkers, and long belts for those runners that like to stretch out their stride.

Two fan options. There are two different fan options used on the ProForm treadmills, both of which will help you cool off during a challenging workout.

Cushioning. Impact is everything. The foot takes an incredible amount of pressure with every step. If the force of your footfall isn’t properly absorbed by the treadmill, the shock will travel back up into the foot and leg. This can lead to fatigue, joint pain, and even damage. Every ProForm is equipped with cushioning to help prevent the stress that running can have on the body. Cushioning systems varies between models, but reduction of impact is seen in throughout the systems.

Common Features in a ProForm Treadmill:
  • Displays. From full color to touchscreen.
  • iFit Technology
  • iPod Port
  • Speakers
  • Resistance Levels
  • Quick Incline / Quick Speed Controls
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Space Saving Design