Woodway Curve Trainer Review

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Features at a Glance
  • Doesn’t use electricity
  • Self-sustainable treadmill
  • Burns calories 30% faster than a traditional treadmill
  • An easier machine to use than the Woodway Curve


Woodway Curve Trainer Overview

You’ve probably read our review for the Woodway Curve, which is an innovative and eco friendly curved treadmill. The Woodway Curve Trainer is very similar to its very successful counterpart. This curved treadmill was created with a smaller incline designed for walkers and joggers who are wanting to build their endurance and stamina. The Curve Trainer allows a user to maintain an efficient pace for longer duration workouts.


The Woodway Curve Trainer has unlimited mobility, which translates to unlimited possibility and an untapped potential. It allows you to take total control of your workouts, which helps you transition safely and easily between speeds. If you’re looking for a treadmill that never needs maintenance, one of the Woodway models may be a good option for you. The Slat Belt surface lasts up to 150,000 miles without a single belt change or deck swap. It has 112 ball bearings, a smoothly gliding belt, and this all leaves you with years of life with very little maintenance and zero consumption.

  • 112 ball bearings
  • No maintenance
  • Smooth gliding track
  • Self-sustaining

Display and Digital Features

This Woodway Curve Trainer has similar features to the original Woodway Curve. Because of it’s simplistic design and energy saving features, it has very few digital features and doesn’t have cooling fans. These are the biggest setbacks.

  • User friendly electronic display
  • No user tracking interface
  • No cooling fans


Just like the Woodway Curve, the Woodway Curve Trainer doesn’t have a motor. This curved machine is powered by you and your movement. It’s easy and safe to use, and goes with you. This machine is smaller than an average treadmill, and is specifically for runners and joggers who are looking to get more comfortable with their running pace, and to also get more used to the Woodway Curve family of machines. Because there is no motor on this treadmill, you won’t have to pay for electricity costs, and there is virtually no maintenance necessary on this machine for years to come.

  • No motor
  • Eco-friendly machine
  • Maintenance free