If you don’t use your treadmill very often, or you only run short distances, you can usually get away with buying a less expensive treadmill, since it won’t be in use as often. You should still do an adequate amount of research first, to make sure that your treadmill fits your needs, and we really don’t recommend spending less than $700 on a treadmill, unless it’s on sale. This is because anything less than $700 or $800, and you’ll be losing quality and will be left with a machine that is constantly breaking and in need of servicing. If you’re a casual runner in the market for a treadmill, this list is for you!

Sole F63


We consider it to be probably the best quality foldable treadmill that is available with a price point of under $1000. This is the simplest machine that Sole offers, but that’s one reason that Sole is one of our favorite brands! They offer a wide variety of machines for every type of person, and the Sole F63 is no exception. With a full length running track of 60 inches, a max speed of 12 mph, and a sturdy frame, you can’t go wrong with the Sole F63.


Sole F80


The Sole F80 Treadmill is a roomy treadmill with an expansive track, that continues to get more and more powerful every single year. Aside from the impressive running space, it also features a commercial 3.5 CPH motor, and a power incline with up to 15%.


Sole F85


Rated as both a “Best Buy” and “The Best Folding Treadmill”, the Sole F85 is one of the best treadmills available on the market. It’s the top model in Sole Fitness’ folding series, and Sole’s Top seller. Comfort-focused features paired with a powerful motor make it a highly versatile option. Everything we love about the F80 but with the highest horsepower motor that Sole offers.