Every runner is going to be different, and have different needs. We try to keep this in mind as we carefully write our summaries out for every treadmill we review. Since every runner has a different set of needs, we want to be able to recommend the right treadmill for your needs. With this list, we want to present to you the best treadmills for Marathon runners. A marathon runner needs a treadmill that is durable, won’t need to be serviced very often, and has a strong motor. Here are our top picks for the best treadmills for marathon runners!

Precor TRM 835

We’ve reviewed a few Precor treadmills, and we feel like the Precor TRM 835 is their most durable model, making it perfect for a marathon runner. It’s one of their top performing and top selling treadmills for a reason. The deck is specially designed to absorb shock at an advanced level. The track has a specific ergonomic design that will support your stride, leaving you with a smooth and natural running experience.


Woodway 4Front

The Woodway 4Front is one of the fastest treadmills available, topping out at 18mph. The track has exceptional shock absorption, which is one of the most components to consider when running long distances on a regular basis. Another impressive aspect of the track on the Woodway 4Front is that it can last up to 150,000 miles, which is considerably longer than other treadmills on the market.


Sole F80

The Sole F80 Treadmill is a roomy treadmill with an expansive track, that continues to get more and more powerful every single year. Aside from the impressive running space, it also features a commercial 3.5 CPH motor, and a power incline with up to 15%.


These treadmills are the best of the best! They have amazing shock absorption, promote healthy and normal stride and gait, and have powerful motors.