If you clock a lot of time on your treadmill every week, when you’re in the market for a new treadmill, you need one that’s durable and will last a long time. The type of exercise equipment you’re looking for is going to be different than that of someone who uses their treadmill for walking and casual use. If you find yourself on your treadmill for extended periods of time almost every single day, this list is for you!

Woodway 4Front


All of the Woodway treadmill models are great options if you’re looking for a machine that will last longer than you expect it to. Each one comes with an impressive warranty, as well as an expected average lifespan of 150,000 miles on the track. It is also essentially maintenance free, as the track will not need to be serviced very often. In fact, their tracks last about 10 times as long as other treadmills. So, if you’re looking for a treadmill that will be durable, the Woodway 4Front is an excellent choice!


Sole F80


If you’re not going to choose a Woodway treadmill, our next recommendation is a Sole F80! One of our personal favorite treadmills, it comes with a 3.5 HP motor, as well as a roomy and durable track for your comfort while you run. The track is two ply, and made with 2.75” rollers that promote a quiet operation, with minimum stress to the motors, which makes for a very durable treadmill.


Proform Pro 9000


This treadmill has all the bells and whistles, and is definitely worth the investment. It has the quietest motor we’ve ever encountered, and an impressively wide incline range. The Proform Pro 9000 can withstand some seriously heavy training, and can even handle multiple serious trainers in a single household.