Cybex Treadmill Reviews

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Cybex R Series Treadmill MonitorTop Notch Commercial Manufacturer

Cybex is a Lifetime Fitness brand. Cybex International, Inc is a leading manufacturer of exercise equipment that is mainly intended for commercial use. Their product line includes both strength training equipment as well as cardio training machines, that are sold worldwide under the Cybex brand.

Science Driven Design

Whether you are a first time user, or a seasoned athlete, Cybex equipment strives to bring the same quality and experience to every single person who uses their exercise machines. The Cybex company has an intense dedication to the study of exercise science, through the Cybex Research Institution, which leads the fitness industry in providing scientific basis for the development of specific exercise machines to enhance human performance. They have over 90 patents on their exercise equipment, which just goes to show that their equipment is designed with innovation, with an incredibly durable structure, and biochemically engineered to produce the most optimal results available, while dealing very little stress to the body.

Wide Variety of Products

Cybex International leads the industry in terms of quantity of strength training equipment being manufactured and available for purchase. They offer over 150 different and unique machines, which includes four full lines of selectorized strength training equipment. They offer a full line of cardio equipment, as well. No matter what you’re looking for, Cybex has it.

Eco-Friendly Treadmills

One of the most unique things about the Cybex brand, is that they are an environmentally friendly company. Being eco friendly and eco conscious when your business is to create heavy pieces of equipment and machinery, is quite the feat. Cybex doesn’t just talk about their impact…they use energy efficient motors and equipment for their entire production system. With such a heavy focus on such an important cause, you can feel good about where your money is going, when you buy Cybex International equipment.