Life Fitness Treadmill Reviews

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Life Fitness Elevation Commercial TreadmillNearly 5 Decades of Commercial Treadmills

Life Fitness has been creating and producing top tier exercise equipment for over 45 years, and they know what they’re doing. Their fitness equipment solutions benefit consumers as well as facilities, meaning that they’re one of the best choices for everyone involved.

No matter how the world of exercise changes, Life Fitness is ahead of the curve, anticipating our needs and giving us the exercise equipment necessary to meet and exceed our goals.

Attractive Design

You won’t find a single clunky or unattractive piece of machinery in the Life Fitness lineup. However, Life Fitness recognizes that the aesthetic appeal doesn’t stand on its own. It’s only a very small part of a piece of exercise equipment. Treadmills also require a functional framework. During the entire design process, every single detail is carefully considered in order to design the ultimate fitness equipment, that is inviting to every single one of its users.

Biomechanics Testing

Did you know that Life Fitness was the first company within the fitness industry to create a biomechanics testing lab. They saw a need, and after they implemented their biomechanics testing lab, the rest of the industry followed their lead.

Good Durability

Something that goes hand in hand with the biomechanics, is the testing process. The $4 million reliability testing lab owned by Life Fitness ensures that all of the product exceeds the global standard, and that they are built to last in absolutely any environment.