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Precor Treadmills

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Precor is an exercise equipment company whose mission is “Fitness made personal”. Every piece of equipment isn’t made for the use of millions, its made for every individual person who uses it. This mission is a comfort, because you know that when you purchase any piece of equipment from Precor, you know that it was built with the individual consumer in mind.

With a fitness forward mindset, and a passionate focus on ergonomic motion, proven science, and superior engineering, you can be confident in any piece of Precor fitness equipment that you purchase.


Integrated Footplant Technology and matched running strides


Amidst the wide variety of fitness equipment that Precor offers, is an amazing selection of treadmills. These treadmills feature Integrated Footplant Technology(IFT). What is IFT? Integrated Footplant Technology matches your running stride with a low and stable impact. When you’re running, and you place your foot down, the speed of your foot changes. Precor treadmills that feature IFT recognize this change in speed when your foot strikes the running belt and adjusts itself to match each stride. This results in a smooth and fluid feel that improves and enhances your overall workout experience.


Series 880 Line Console


The Precor 880 Series line now features an amazing touch screen console that will take your entire workout experience to the next level. It has a capacitive touch screen with a quick responsiveness and intuitive workout control, and motion controls that alter movement and resistance easily and responsibly. It is angled upwards, to ensure absolute comfort while you’re running, so you don’t have to stoop down to take advantage of the console, which promotes better posture during your workout. It also features a variety of workouts, to help you try new things and give you a variation of new routines to add to your workout regime.

(also available with the 860 and 830 Line Consoles)