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Sole Treadmills are built to last. They satisfy even the most avid runners, and feature some of the finest components available in both residential and commercial treadmill equipment. Made for performance, Sole treadmills contain the finest motors, rollers, belts, and steel you can find contained in a treadmill. Whether you’re looking for a treadmill for your home, or for a gym environment, Sole Fitness has a treadmill that would be perfect for you.

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We’ve tested Sole Treadmills in a hotel gym setting, which is truly one of the most rigorous tests you can put any one piece of exercise equipment through. In this daily rigorous hotel environment, the Sole Treadmill performed better than any others.

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With Sole Fitness Treadmills, you’ll find the quality of working out at a gym, in the comfort of your home. Whether you’re a fitness junkie, or you’re just looking for some good exercise equipment to get started with, a sole treadmill is the ideal piece of equipment to take your training to the next level. No matter the weather, or how busy your schedule is, you can always find time to squeeze in your workout when you can do it from the comfort of your home. Whether the main purpose of your treadmill will be to walk, run, or job, Sole Fitness Treadmills will get the job done better than their competitors.
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