Woodway Treadmills

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Woodway does things differently. And that’s a good thing. One of the key features of a Woodway treadmill is the way that the running belt is made. Created with a ball bearing transportation system, their slat style running surface is something brand new, and incredibly unique to Woodway treadmills, specifically. This leaves you with a running surface of 38-43 type A shore hardness. In simpler terms, it’s been scientifically shown to be the ideal softness for a running surface. It eliminates the harmful shock dealt to your connective tissues when you’re running, while still not changing the proper biometrics that occur during the running motion.

Less Wear-and-Tear

In addition, the low friction ball bearing transportation system that is used in Woodway treadmills alleviates the forces to all of the mechanical and electrical part. This results in less wear over time, less maintenance, less repairs, a smaller electrical bill, and therefore, a longer overall life of the treadmill.

Good Fit for Commercial Use

There’s a reason that Woodway treadmills are often requested specifically by competitive sports teams, medical and rehabilitation facilities, and high usage gym and fitness facilities all over the world.

So if you choose a Woodway treadmill, you’ll be gaining an amazing treadmill, but you’ll also be saving a lot.

Due to the patented running surface that is unique to a Woodway treadmill, it will last longer and require significantly less maintenance than any other treadmill.

  • Save up to 50% on electrical costs
  • Running surface lasts up to 150,000 miles without changing any equipment
  • No belt or deck maintenance