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Cybex is a Lifetime Fitness brand. Cybex International Inc. is a leading manufacturer of exercise equipment that is mainly intended for commercial use, although their at-home equipment is highly recommended. Their product line includes both strength training equipment as well as cardio training machines, that are sold worldwide under the Cybex brand. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of various exercise equipment, they’re known as a brand that creates high-quality machines with reasonable prices.


  • Eco-Friendly Treadmills. One of the most unique things about the Cybex brand is that they are an environmentally friendly company. Being eco-friendly and eco-conscious when your business is to create heavy pieces of equipment and machinery, is quite the feat. Cybex doesn’t just talk about their impact…they use energy-efficient motors and equipment for their entire production system. With such a heavy focus on such an important cause, you can feel good about where your money is going, when you buy Cybex International equipment.
  • Powerful Motors & High Speeds. Cybex treadmills are designed for the challenge. With powerful motors that are made for vigorous walking and running in mind, every Cybex model is built with a 5.0 HP Motor. Not only does this mean that each treadmill from the brand has top-notch incline capabilities, but can work at higher speeds too. While most models top out at an impressive 12.4 MPH, several Cybex models are still the fastest you can find on the market, with speeds of 15.6 MPH.
  • Modern Technology for a Better Workout. Let’s face it, working out isn’t always the greatest joy. Oftentimes working out on a treadmill can feel dull, stale, and a chore. Finding ways to make your at-home workout worth your time isn’t difficult with the right machine. Cybex understands the importance of using advanced technology for the build of their machines, knowing that it’ll make your life easier and your workouts more enjoyable. With options of widescreen monitors, virtual workouts, and even high-def programming, it’s easy to love using a Cybex.

Common Features in a Cybex Treadmill:
  • Automated & Powerful Incline
  • Variable Cushioning
  • High-Tech Workouts
  • Higher Speeds
  • Tracks Built for Running

Should You Consider a Cybex?

Cybex has multiple models that fit into a multitude of lifestyles. Although these powerful machines are ideal for avid athletes and runners, they are still an excellent choice for any person looking for a quality at-home machine. With various sizes, track lengths, they’re perfect for runners that want to lengthen their stride without clipping the end of a track. The brand is committed to building a top-notch machine while using energy-efficient practices.