Horizon Fitness Treadmill Reviews
Horizon Fitness manufactures treadmills with the home gym user in mind. Meshing affordability with quality, Horizon’s wide range of treadmills makes it easy to find an affordable machine without compromising your needs. With eight models, this economic brand is a favorite for walkers and runner alike.
Horizon 7.0 AT
Horizon Elite T5
Horizon Elite T7-02
Horizon Elite T9-02
Incline with power

At home walkers, joggers, and runners tend to overlook the importance of treadmill inclines. After all, when exercising on a natural terrain, we aren’t constantly thinking about what incline the road underneath us is at. Horizon understands that incline is necessary for both muscle toning and getting your heart rate up. Depending on the model, incline maximum starts at 10 percent, and goes to 15 percent.

Common Features in a Horizon Treadmill:
  • Passport Connectivity on Elite Series
  • Program Variety
  • Roomy Track Sizes
  • Variable Response Suspension
  • Folding Capabilities
  • Higher Weight Limits
  • Sturdier Build
  • Easy To Use Media Screens

Woodway wants to give the runner every chance to challenge themselves. Interval training is an excellent way to make sure we push our bodies in a safe but stimulating way. That’s why higher-end models can reach up to 15% of incline, with some models able to reach an impressive 25%.

ViaFit data tracking.

Connecting to ViaFit makes it easy to track your fitness goals. ViaFit will automatically stores your workout data via the mobile app, making it easier to see your long-term fitness progress. Pair the app with your Apple or Android device to sync to any Horizon machine. You can also connect ViaFit to any of your wearable fitness trackers to log your daily steps.

Virtual Active video.

If you find exercising on a straight track a bore, you may be looking for new ways to keep yourself engaged in your cardio workouts. Use Virtual Active to walk, jog, or run through different scenic sights and sounds. Your treadmill will change it’s incline to match the chosen destination, to make your run feel that more authentic.