Woodway Treadmills
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Ideal Running Features

Woodway does things differently. And that’s a good thing. One of the key features of a Woodway treadmill is the way that the running belt is made. From their patented Slat Belt track to generous running surfaces with the ideal softness for running. They could stop at being well known for their excellence on your body during a workout, but they also care to make sure the technology on their equipment is top of the line.

Common Features in a Woodway Treadmill:
  • Slat Belts
  • High-End Technology
  • Energy Efficiency
  • 150,000 Mile Tracks
  • High Capacity
  • Various Display Options

Woodway wants to give the runner every chance to challenge themselves. Interval training is an excellent way to make sure we push our bodies in a safe but stimulating way. That’s why higher-end models can reach up to 15% of incline, with some models able to reach an impressive 25%.

Less Wear. No Tear.

Every runner hopes that their treadmill has less wear over time, less maintenance, needs fewer repairs, creates a smaller electrical bill, and overall, has a longer life. With Woodway, those hopes can be reality.

Good Fit for Commercial Use

There’s a reason that Woodway treadmills are often requested specifically by competitive sports teams, medical and rehabilitation facilities, and high usage gym and fitness facilities all over the world. Many runners look at a higher-end machine and think it wasn’t built for their skill level. On the contrary, Woodway is built for anyone who loves to jog, run, or walk with ease and style. So if you choose a Woodway treadmill, you’ll be gaining an amazing treadmill, with one-of-a-kind engineering, and machine models ideal for a modest to higher end budget.