summer treadmill workouts

There’s nothing quite like running outdoors in between your treadmill workouts, but with the summer heat continuing to get the best of us unless you’re running before the sun comes out or after it goes down, running can be downright uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous. But what if you’re not in the mood to run on your treadmill summer day after summer day? No problem! We’ve come up with several treadmill workouts that will get you inspired and ready to runny, no matter your mood. From runs that mimic your favorite hill filled route to your favorite flat road to sprint on, we’ve got you covered.

New to Running on a Treadmill?

If this is your first summer filled with indoor treadmill workouts, we suggest taking it slow at first! Always remember to balance running with a fair amount of walking to keep your heart rate up, while conditioning yourself. Keep it a bit unstructured at first. The important aspect of your first treadmill runs is to get a fill for what’s too easy and what’s too much a challenge at this point. Make adjusts based off of how you feel. Once you’re feeling ready, try an easy interval workout for 30-40 minutes.

Taking it Slower

If you’re in the mood for an “active rest” workout, then keep your pace on the treadmill on the easier side. Try out a walk-jog workout for those days that you’re trying to get your heart rate up, but aren’t looking for a more challenging interval run. Again, if you’re newer to treadmill exercise, this is also a great chance to change up your pacing without pushing your body to too high of an intensity. If you’re taking it slower, plan to spend about an hour on the treadmill. Spend 5-minutes warming up with at a brisk paced walk, moving into a jog, and then into a slow run. Switch between that jog and light run. End the workout with a 10-minute cooldown, coming back to that brisk walk once more.

Gonna Make You Sweat

In the mood for a challenge? If you’ve got a treadmill that can handle intense speeds and inclines, like the Sole F65, you can put yourself to the test and break a true sweat. Keep this workout short and sweet, keeping it to about 30-minutes. Do about a 6-minute warmup and a slow run, before switching to an incline run section. Push your machine and yourself to the max incline. After 5-minutes of the incline at various paces, begin a section of 1-minute sprint and walk intervals for 8-minutes. Finish with an 11-minute cooldown.